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A major strength of Hawkeye Molding is the diversity of our customers and wide variety of plastic injection molding industries we serve. While some companies rely heavily on one particular industry segment, Hawkeye Molding focuses on six plastic injection molding industries: appliance, agriculture, furniture, industrial, lighting, and manufacturing parts.


Hawkeye Molding serves the appliance market ranging from small to large appliances, parts, pieces, and components.


Located in America’s heartland, we are rooted deep into the agricultural world varying from all types of equipment & accessories.


Hawkeye Molding serves the furniture market including a variety from office to home, chairs to desks, with parts & components.


Hawkeye Molding serves the industrial market with all sorts of parts & components for machines and beyond.


Lighting is our bread & butter, so we have produced just about every part & component out there for this industry.

Manufacturing Parts

Hawkeye Molding produces a wide variety of products, parts, & components needed for various customers & clients.

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